Fresh Free Range Eggs - half dozen

Fresh Free Range Eggs - half dozen

Half a dozen (6) of our free range eggs. All eggs are collected daily, washed, dated, and refrigerated. Contactless payment/pickup preferred.



- Peewee Bantam 'Lunchbox' - these eggs are laid by our bantam ladies (mini chickens) and are the perfect size for lunchboxes and little hands


- Mixed Size (size 5-6-7) - the general egg box with a mix of standard to large eggs and the box we will likely have available daily


- Jumbo Size 8 - we only have a few girls that lay jumbo sized eggs (poor girls!) but these chicken eggs nearly equal the size of our duck eggs


- Duck Eggs - if you've never had a duck egg before then give them a go; they make amazing scrambled eggs with their rich, creamy flavour



Never had duck eggs? Here are some quick facts:
- Duck eggs have a thicker shell, which means they tend to have a longer shelf-life than chicken eggs. 
- Duck eggs are about 50% larger than chicken eggs (a rough comparison is 1 duck egg = 1.5 chicken eggs).
- Duck eggs taste richer and have a creamier consistency.
- Duck eggs have a higher fat content than chicken eggs. 
- Duck eggs are higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than chicken eggs.
- Duck eggs are higher in protein than chicken eggs. 
- People who have an allergy to chicken eggs can often eat duck eggs with no ill effects. 

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